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I am a percussionist, composer, drummer, and producer based in Duluth, MN. 


In my work, I create with a marked purpose: to inspire curiosity in the creation of sound and subject matter; to instigate empathy in the form of emotional resonance; and to bring satisfaction that comes from long-form music weaving to a clear landing point.


In addition to my personal work I've collaborated with Mathew Janzcewski's ARENA Dances, progressive trio Sprig of That, folk band Ginger Bones, and many others.


My projects have been supported by the American Composer’s Forum, Cedar Cultural Center, Minnesota State Arts Board, and Jerome Foundation, Loghaven Artist Residency, and Prairie Ronde Artist Residency. My music has been played throughout the United States, Europe, and Mexico by myself and other performers.



Estuary Album Release with Lazerbeak


Estuary is a collaboration led by percussionist Zack Baltich, with Ritika Ganguly (voice), Ilan Blanck (guitar), Cam Fassett (violin), and Maggie Fae (stage design/projections). A reference to the point where the tidal mouth of a large river meets other water, Estuary is a meeting of genre, ideas, language, personality, and textures to find new ways of musical expression.

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